LiveSense Web Platform

The LiveSense Web Service is a web-based application designed with the last advances in web programming. This creates a rich user experience and allows the support for mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets.

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Map Visualization

The map overview was designed to quickly identify trouble “hot spots” and to easily navigate to the individual dashboards. It also allows the application of filters like isohyet maps.

Alerting Engine

Authorized users are able to set alarms based on readings or historical information and subscribe users to receive them via e-mail or SMS.

Individual Dashboard Management

The system allows the creation of custom individual Dashboards for every station. Graphs, gauges, and other custom designed mimics, can be easily added using our “drag and drop” feature. In the Dashboard is possible to visualise both real time and historical data.

User Management

Master administrators will be able to add more users and establish their permission levels. The system also allows the creation of organizational subdivisions.

Asset Management

Authorized users are able to manage Assets, Data loggers and Sensors, using custom designed forms.

Data Export

All the data from the sensors can be exported in a tabular format.


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