LiveSense IoT Cloud Platform

The LiveSense IoT Cloud Platform is a distributed application designed for Internet of Things and M2M projects. The Platform is responsible to receive, process and store the data from the remote devices. After stored, the data becomes immediately available to be used by other applications like the LiveSense Web Service.


Multiple Data Input

The system receives information on timed intervals, from the sensors deployed in the field. This can be done through FTP/CSV, MQTT, SMS or other custom method agreed.

Network Agnostic

The LiveSense Cloud platform is a network agnostic application because it does not operate in an exclusive environment or protocol. Its modular approach allows for the creation of new modules to allow new protocols of communication.

Distributed Architecture

By running redundant applications in parallel, in different machines, we achieve vertical scalability. This brings performance on parallelizing tasks and a degree of reliability. Allowing the system to keep running even when machine/application fails.

Real Time Data Analysis

To take full advantage of the data stored, real time data aggregation task are performed into a Data Mart. The system is enabled to perform data analysis, querying the data on different dimensions. This can be used for example to identify trends in the data stream.

Uniform Language Independent API

An Application Programming Interface (API) is a particular set of rules and specifications that software applications can follow to communicate with each other. This becomes very important as the Data stored increases and new uses for the Data are identified.

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